Cayo Las Brujas

Cayo Las BrujasThe province of Villa Clara is located on the central region of the Isle of Cuba, less than 300 km. (185 miles) from Havana, Cuba’s capital.
From Caibarién, a fishermen’s village surrounded by deep waters home to important lobster farms, a 48 km. road built of stones (called pedraplén), stretches across the sea, linking the main island with keys like Santa María, Las Brujas (which has a small airfield), Ensenachos, Cobos, Majá, Fragoso, Francés, Las Picúas and Español de Adentro, among others.

This important engineering work has 45 bridges to allow the exchange of tidal waters. It’s a very nice ride across this pedraplén because the visitor may see species like sparrow hawks, pelicans, oldsquaws and the astonishing pink flamingos.

The northern keys have several kilometers of excellent beaches and an almost virgin environment. They also constitute a true natural reserve (Fauna Reserve of the Northern Keys) for a unique kind of hutía (cane rat), and a meeting place for flamingo colonies. Besides there are endemic species of lizards, mollusks and birds like the one called arriero, along with a flora comprising 248 species, 91 of them medicinal, 72 timber-yielding, 41 honey-producing and 40 decorative. 29 of them are endemic.

Cayo Las BrujasTo some Cayo Las Brujas is the most beautiful cayo out of the three. This beach has exceptionally fine sand and a very smooth sea, runs for almost 2 kilometers. The pretty beach at Villas Las Brujas combine the best of tourism with the best of nature.Takes its name after a popular legend telling the story of a young couple whose love was thwarted by the jealousy of the girl’s uncle, who, by the way, also has an islet named after him: Borracho (drunkard).

This is the first place that meets the visitor driving along the pedraplén. At present, Las Brujas has an airport capable of holding small to mid-sized planes, 24 comfortable bungalows and a large, modern petrol station. A few minutes away by boat there is a stranded vessel that has been made into a little floating hotel, the Barco San Pascual.

This relic of marine engineering, launched from San Francisco’s shipyards in 1919 for the transport of molasses, has been stranded since 1933. In this ship are kept mementoes of Ernest Hemingway’s voyages through these waters and of the Cuban painter Leopoldo Romañach who, in the ship’s deck felt inspired to create some of his seascapes. Made into a floating hotel it has 10 cozy rooms, a restaurant-bar and a privileged position for the visitor to look at the natural beauties surrounding it.

Hotels in this beach

Hotel Islazul Elguea     3 stars

Standar Room

The Hotel & Spa Horizontes Elguea is on the Northern coast of the province of Villa Clara. This hotel is very famous for its medical and therapeutic services.

Prices Form:     € 33 (per room/night)

Hotel Meliá Cayo Santa María     5 stars

Hotel Melia Cayo Santa María

In this heavenly small island of the North cays of Cuba is erected the Meliá Cayo Santa María hotel in the central province of Villa Clara. The hotel is an all- inclusive five stars offer with 360 rooms to enjoy in family or in couple, the perfect complement for unforgettable vacations.

Prices Form:     € 109 (per room/night)

Hotel Sol Cayo Santa María     4 stars

Flamencos Bar

In the paradise Santa Maria Cay, Sol Melia Cuba has an offer for you, which is the four stars all-inclusive hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria with 300 rooms. It is the ideal place to relax for those who like to enjoy the bottom of the sea or make trips around the channels formed by the surrounding cays of this wonderful tourist destination of Cuba. Enjoy unforgettable vacations together with your family in the beautiful Santa Maria cay.

Prices Form:     € 83 (per room/night)

Hotel Meliá Las Dunas     5 stars

Hotel Melia Las Dunas

Meliá Las Dunas Hotel, a 5-star All-Inclusive property, is located on a pristine stretch of beach in beautiful Cayo Santa Maria. Ideal for those in search of of a sun and sand holiday for the whole family, weddings, honeymoons, events and incentive segments of the market, it is perfectly integrated with its natural surroundings. The hotel offers varied recreational activities for all the members of the family.

Prices Form:     € 113 (per room/night)

Hotel Barcelo Cayo Santa María     5 stars

Hotel Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria

NEW BARCELO HOTEL IN CUBA!!! The Barceló Cayo Santa María Hotel is surrounded by beautiful white-sand beaches, bathed by Cuba’s clear, turquoise waters. Offering a complete all-inclusive package and 624 comfortable junior suites for couples or families, this 5-star hotel is the ideal place for your holiday.

Prices Form:     € 131 (per room/night)