Fish Cave inmersion | Varadero

It is located at Cochinos Bay, it is an inundate hole belonging to an speleolacustrine system in Zapata Swamp.

Patrol Boat Wreck inmersion | Varadero

Maxim depth: 30 mts. This diving place is located at the well-known “Parque Submarino Cayo Piedra del Norte”.

Neptuno Wreck inmersion | Varadero

There is a vapour German ship which is sunk by accident at the decade of 20’of last century. Its pieces are expanded by the button, regarding a great sea fish community which found its place for living.

Coral Beach inmersion | Varadero

Shallow immersion( 1-20 mts) it’s well recommended for beginners; it’s made from the coast line going gradually into the coral barrier which protects the beach.

Varadero Diving Centers

It has different kinds of immersions such as: reef, sunk ships, wall, night, Cavern and diving from the border line. It also gives courses of resort diving, all levels divers courses, all levels instructor courses and specialized courses.

Cochinos Bay Wall inmersion | Varadero

From different places of the coast (El Brinco ,Punta Perdiz), you have access to different parts of the big wall of Cochinos Bay, Where you can enjoy an unforgettable diving going on by and orlop, it has between100 and 150 mts length and it is from 0 to 12 mts depth meeting with an abrupt wall and its depth can be 400 mts.

Saturn Cave inmersion | Varadero

A cave flooded with fresh water possessing a free surface and 2 galleries which reach a depth of 20 mts (66 feet).

Blue Hole inmersion | Varadero

It is known as Ojo del Mégano, this site far away from diving zone is located 8 miles to eastern north-eastern from Cadiz Bay with only 10 mts of depth, it opens in the orlop a hole of 45 mts diameter and rise a depth of 70 mts.

The Mandarins and Caribe inmersions | Varadero

15 meters, Coral patch with diverse, greatly-developed fauna among which you will find various coral fish, moray eels, groupers and large schools of grunt that eat out of divers' hands.

Some Recommended Immersions | Varadero

Although the great sea treasure located on the sea or lop in which the 32 diving places are situated, are some immersions more interesting than the rest because of its impressionist beauty.