Mi Cayito Beach

Following Santa Maria beach and before getting to Guanabo there are some kilometers of beach that Cuban people call Boca Ciega. This is a pleasant beach because there are high dunes sown with coconut palms that protect bathers from the sun.

Playa Covarrubias

Playa Covarrubias comming soon...

Playa Tortuga beach / Cayo Largo del Sur

Playa Tortugas is an extension, like Playa Los Cocos, of Playa Blanca. Playa Tortuga has as its chief attraction the fact of being a place chosen by hundreds of chelonians to spawn within its peaceful sands.

Playa Arroyo Bermejo

A smaller beach lies tucked between cliffs at the mouth of the Rio Jibacoa, about three kilometres east of Santa Cruz del Norte, bracketed by rocky headlands.

Playa Blanca beach | Cayo Largo

Playa Blanca is seven-kilometres-long so is the largest beach in the islet , with big crags bordering the sea creating retired coves, which give the illusion of being in a totally uninhabited island

Playa Lindamar beach | Cayo Largo

Lindamar is another gift for sea lovers: small, friendly and private. It has the peculiarity of being located in a zone where the shore is shaped like a shell and is surrounded by white boulders.

Playa Los Cocos beach | Cayo Largo

Playa Los Cocos is, like Playa Tortuga, an extension of Playa Blanca. Los Cocos is the longest one and has many tiny coves.

Playa Larga beach | Isla de la Juventud

The road south from Cayo Piedra leads directly to Playa Larga, a real stunner of a beach.

Playa Pescador beach

Is at 1 Km. further east, a turn off opposite Presidio Modelo

Playa Paraiso beach

This beach is at 5 KM. east of Nueva Gerona