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Gay Beaches in Cuba? Gay frieldly beach locations.

Foreign visitors are welcomed warmly, and from your new friends, you could learn the location of the beaches with gay friedly areas.

Cuba scuba diving. Cuba diving information

Cuba’s insular shelf, some 26,190 square miles or 67,831 square kilometers in size, has excellent scuba-diving sites throughout the archipelago.

Sunbathing, advices to take sun and avoid sun-burns

Cuba is famous for its beautiful beaches and bright Caribbean sun. The sun shines in Cuba almost throughout the year. Recommendations for sunbathing and outdoors activities.

Nude beaches in Cuba, topless beach information

In general you will not find nude beaches in Cuba. The cubans NEVER will be nude in a beach, and in general will find too provocative to see a woman topless in a beach, not to say full nude.