Guanabo beachOpposed to other beaches in Cuba where one can only find tourists, Playas del Este is very popular among the habaneros, who can frequently enjoy these warm waters thanks to their closeness to the city.

The next beach between Bacuranao and El Mégano is a tourist resort called Tarará, 20 kilometers away of Havana. Its marina (Marina Tarará) is the perfect place for those who want to go out fishing or diving.

27 kilometers away from Havana, Guanabo Beach occupies the coastal strip of the town of Guanabo. With 25 kilometers of beaches it is the most visited of the Playas del Este. In the summer, it can gather up to 120 thousand visitors. It has shopping centers, restaurants, bars, nightclubs.

Guanabo beachUnlike Santa María del Mar, this little town has no hotels, but there are lots of houses for rent instead. The quality of the sand is pretty good, even if some areas are affected by river mouths and stony bottoms, where one should avoid swimming.