Santiago de Cuba


Country: Cuba City: Santiago de Cuba

Punta Gorda

Address: Avenida 1era A - Punta Gorda Country: Cuba City: Santiago de Cuba

Bacajagua beach

Is a beautiful golden sand beach within the deep cleft of a river mouth. It is near to Daiquirí and Verraco Beach, in the road continues east

Bucanero Beach

This beach is located at just 25 minutes away from Santiago’s centre and 30 minutes away from the airport. Due to its geographical location the average weather is about 30 C, with a bright sun and few rainy days in the year. Bucanero is a magnificent golden sand beach backed by limestone cliffs. This beach is the private reserve of the Hotel Bucanero.

Playa Sevilla

63 km. to the west of Santiago de Cuba and 2 hours by car to Antonio Maceo International Airport, lies Sevilla beach renowned by its brown sands and the mountains that seem to look over it. Its vicinity to a coral reef, that can be seen just by going 50 m. into the sea wearing a snorkel, and Sierra Mar diving center are some of the attractions that make it such a gorgeous, paradisiacal spot.

Playa Siboney

The beautiful little beach Siboney, can be found about 19 km. from the Santiago city. Having the downtown nearby, the people from Santiago often visit it. It’s a very clean beach, with transparent water, surrounded by coconut trees. It’s an excellent choice for relaxing and enjoying along with local people. The visitor can take lodging in some of the homes of the area. Two diving centers, Sigua and Bucanero, are in this zone.

Playa Daiquirí

Dauqiri is located inside the Baconao Park Biosphere Reserve, in a coastal zone to the south, very close to the Sierra Maestra Range. Baconao Park, 80 000 hectares of natural beauties encloses this beach of fine sand and crystal-clear waters surrounded by boulders that grant it great privacy.

Playa Caleton Blanco

Can be found on an inlet west of Baconao Park, where nature grows wild and free. Its fine white sands are surrounded, like most beaches on this coast, by boulders and a thick growth that stretches almost to the seashore. Being so near to Sierra Maestra Range, this beach is enclosed by mountains. The Sierra Mar Diving Center operates next to this area.

Playa Baconao

Baconao is an small, fine-sanded beach of limpid waters, protected by towering mountains, stretches amidst thick groves almost reaching the shore.

Santiago de Cuba

Its transcendental historic and cultural values and the well-known hospitality of its people, of happy and noisy character, are two of the characteristics of that distinguish the southeastern province of Santiago de Cuba, considered the authentic capital of the Caribbean because of its geographic position and ethnic origins.The foundation of its original urban center "located next to a large pocket bay, well protected and surrounded by mountains" dates back to 1514.